Admiring a Cookeville TN Farm on a Sunny Spring Day

Robert Frost may have stopped by a snowy wood on a Winter’s eve, but I’d much rather stop by a Tennessee farm on a warm and sunny Spring day. Take for example this idyllic farm near Cookeville TN. With fields awash in wildflowers, a classic red barn, and a rushing creek – this farm is quintessential Tennessee.

Farms for sale near Cookeville TN
Did you notice the happy cows?  This is the way farming is done in Tennessee, and it is the way it should be done! I’m proud to say that you won’t see any massive commercial farming operations here in the Cookeville area; no feed lots or inhumane conditions.  Here, we still have the small local farmer raising livestock, fruits, and veggies in the same way it was done 50 years ago. You’ll also find small roadside stands selling fresh farm produce, as well as a nice farmer’s market in Cookeville.

Cookeville TN Farm for sale
While this lovely farm pictured is not for sale, there are many others fine Cookeville TN farms for sale for the buyer who’s heart is longing for country living. Whether you are dreaming of a small mini-farm, or a sprawling estate with 100+ acres, you’ll easily find it for sale within 30 minutes of Cookeville. The price per acre of farmland varies greatly in my area, but there are two main factors that effect it. The first factor is the county the farm is in, and the second factor is the quality of the land itself. Some of the counties in the area offer mostly flat land or rolling hills, and some of them have steep, rugged terrain. To view mini-farms for sale near Cookeville, click here:  Cookeville mini-farms for sale. To view large farms for sale, click here: Cookeville farms for sale.

Would you like to own a farm of your own? If you would like more information about farms for sale in Cookeville or the Upper Cumberland area, please call me, Virginia Kail at 931-260-4729. It would be my pleasure and honor to help you find your next Cookeville home.

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