The Cookeville TN Real Estate market is a vibrant and interesting place. Visitors are often surprised by the huge variety of homes for sale in Cookeville and the surrounding areas. From simple starter homes, to large rural farms, to million dollar mansions – the Cookeville TN Real Estate Market has it all!
What makes the Cookeville TN Real Estate market so unique?  There are several things that have contributed to the growth of the Cookeville area. First and foremost is location.  Cookeville is right beside I-40 and is centrally located between Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. This has made Cookeville an ideal home for executives and salespeople who travel regularly to these larger cities. Several companies also call Cookeville home because of the fantastic location. Those companies have created additional jobs for the region, and that has created growth in the Cookeville real estate market.
The second major factor is the fact that Cookeville serves as the main hub for several surrounding counties.  Many people drive to Cookeville each day for work, shopping, dining, and entertainment because such amenities are not available in the smaller surrounding towns. The population of Putnam County is approximately 30,000 people, but in reality, Cookeville actually services far more people because of the visitors from surrounding counties.
Other factors that impact the Cookeville TN Real Estate market are the presence of Tennessee Technological University and Cookeville Regional Medical Center.  The University is a thriving campus with students from all over the world and enrollment increases each year. The large student body has contributed to the strong growth of the rental market in Cookeville.
The Cookeville Regional Medical Center is an award winning hospital that has grown tremendously over the years. This growth has had a direct impact on real estate surrounding the hospital campus with many older properties being rezoned for medical facilities.  In addition, the growth of the hospital has had a positive impact on residential real estate as more medical professionals relocate to the area.
Of course, one of the biggest reasons for growth in the Cookeville TN Real Estate market has been the influx of retirees.  For many years now, Cookeville has been ranked in America’s top 10 retirement communities by Rand McNally. Not only that, the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association (ACCRA) ranked Cookeville TN as the 4th most economical city in the United States. Many seniors from all over the nation have chosen Cookeville and the surrounding areas for retirement. Cookeville has a lot to offer with the low cost of living, mild winters, reasonable property tax, and a great central location.
All of these factors have contributed to the stability and growth of the Cookeville TN Real Estate market.  Our region has not experienced the tremendous loss of property value felt by many other parts of the nation. The future continues to look bright for the area as a whole, as well as the Cookeville TN Real Estate market.

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