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Have you noticed that there don’t seem to be many houses for sale in Cookeville and the surrounding area? That’s because we have steadily slipped into a seller’s market this year. Normally that’s a great thing, but not when there’s a shortage of listings. The lack of available homes for sale in Cookeville has started to push prices up, and the amount of time it takes to sell a home is decreasing as buyers pounce on nice new listings.

Cookeville TN Real Estate Market Report

Throughout the course of the year it’s been a challenge to find homes for my buyer clients, and it’s becoming a greater challenge with each passing month. You simply cannot imagine how few people are putting their houses up for sale. Good, pre-qualified buyers are having a hard time finding something. I have lots of buyers who are actively looking for a home, and some have been looking for months now.

Searching for Cookeville homes

We are particularly short of Putnam county listings in the price range of $180k or less.  Cookeville, Algood, Baxter, and Monterey listings are the ones we need the most.  We’ve also seen a big decrease in number of homes for sale in the Rickman area, and those are needed as well.  Also, homes with acreage are in very low supply in all areas and price ranges.

If you’ve even remotely considered selling a home, now is truly a good time. Homes that are well kept and reasonably priced are selling very quickly. Poorly kept or overpriced homes are still sitting, but overall, buyers are snapping listings up right away if they are nice. Some good curb appeal and reasonable expectations make it very possible to move up into that larger home you’ve been dreaming of right now.

Cookeville home

If you live in Cookeville or any of the surrounding towns and are thinking of selling, please give me a call. I would love to talk with you and provide you with a complimentary market analysis of what your home is worth in today’s market.  If you haven’t looked into prices in a while then you will likely be pleasantly surprised!

For those of you thinking of selling that aren’t familiar with a market analysis, here’s what’s involved:  We’ll schedule an appointment when I can come take a look at your house. You can show me what improvements you’ve made and point out the things that make your home special.  From there, I’ll do in depth research and find the most similar and recently sold homes. I’ll also take a look at the most similar homes that are currently for sale (It’s always important to check out the competition). From there, I’ll meet with you a second time and show you all the information and tell you what the home would likely sell for. Whether you decide to go forward with selling or not, at least you’ll have a professional opinion of your home’s value along with documentation to support it.

I am currently looking for listings in Putnam, Overton, White, and Jackson counties. 

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