Don’t Go Near that Cookeville Foreclosure Without Your Agent!

If you’ve visited my blog very often, then you probably know that I list foreclosed homes in Cookeville and the surrounding area. In the recent months, I’ve been getting phone calls from customers about foreclosures that are not yet for sale.  You see, some of the big corporate real estate websites (that I dare not mention) are publishing pre-foreclosures on their website and advertising them as being available.  They even list me as the agent who has them listed, and thus the phone calls.

about buying Cookeville foreclosures

about buying Cookeville foreclosures











The problem is that those properties are not actually for sale.  In fact, you could be in serious danger if you decide to go have a look. People are often still living in those houses after the bank has technically foreclosed. The listing agent may be working with them to help them relocate, or may not have been assigned to make contact yet. Sometimes the occupants aren’t even aware that the foreclosure has formally taken place.  Some of them know, and don’t plan on leaving until the sheriff puts their belongings on the sidewalk.  This is where we find the potential for a very dangerous situation.

It is super important that you do not visit a foreclosed property without talking to your agent. Imagine how dreadful it would be to be walking around a “foreclosure” and come face to face with an angry former owner.  Considering that at least 50% of people living in Cookeville and the surrounding areas are gun owners – You do not want to go there!

foreclosure dangers












As a home buyer, you should never visit any property without your agent present. This is especially true of foreclosures, and even more so if you found it advertised on one of the big national real estate websites. Local real estate websites are usually more accurate and reliable, but I know many folks like using the bigger websites that pop up on a Google search.  Always call the agent you are working with and make sure that the property is actually for sale.

If you are interested in obtaining an accurate list of foreclosures currently for sale in Cookeville or the surrounding areas, feel free to contact me. I offer this as a service to clients who would like to work with me as their buyers agent.


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