Once upon a time, in the Cookeville TN real estate market,
houses sold like hotcakes. But in today’s market, everything has
changed. With the rise of short sales, foreclosures, and excess
inventory, some houses stay on the market for a long time.

But don’t lose hope. As a seller, if you are proactive and have a
plan, you could actually help your home sell faster. Here are a
few tips to get your Cookeville TN home ready to sell in no time:

1. Get help from an expert Cookeville TN real estate agent.
The whole process of selling a home is complex and
overwhelming. Hiring the best Cookeville TN real estate
professional could spell the big difference between a sold home
or a home that’s been sitting on the market for years. You will
need the help of a highly skilled agent in pricing your home just
right, marketing your home through various methods, bringing
in potential buyers, and handling and understanding contracts.
You cannot afford to make a mistake in something as big and
important as selling a home, so make sure to work with a
professional Cookeville TN agent that you can trust.

2. Make your Cookeville TN home stand out from the
rest. Clean, declutter, make necessary repairs and upgrades,
boost your curb appeal, and if possible, have your home staged
by a professional. Staging is a great way to showcase your
home’s best features to potential buyers and help them imagine
themselves actually living in your home. Just make sure to tone
down your personal preferences and tastes when staging your
home. Keep it neutral so it will suit a wide variety of buyers’
tastes. A professional stager can view your home from the
perspective of a potential buyer and will be able to help you

decide on which items should stay and which items should go.

3. Make your pricing realistic.
From the start, make sure to price your home just right. An
overpriced home will only stay on the market longer and
eventually, you would have to reduce its price, so why not start
right to avoid all the trouble later on? Make sure to get the help
of an expert Cookeville TN real estate agent when pricing your
home. An experienced agent will be able to guide you on how to
price your home based on factors such as comparable sales in
the same area, current market conditions, and other factors that
affects price and buyer preferences. Once a home is priced just
right, multiple offers will start to come in.

4. Disclose all the necessary information your buyers may
need to know about the home.
If you are selling your home because you cannot handle
all the work and maintenance anymore, or if there are any
repairs needed before the buyer moves in, or if your home has
infestation problems, you need to fully disclose this to both your
agent and potential buyer. If you decide otherwise, and a buyer
finds out that you withheld all this information from them, then
you are in for some serious trouble. So better make a thorough
inspection of your home and disclose everything that might lead
to future problems.

5. Emotionally detach yourself from the home.
Your home holds a lot of memories and once you start thinking
about this and all the time and money you have invested in
your home, you get emotional and this could easily cloud your
decisions from pricing your home or in accepting offers. Make
sure you are emotionally ready to sell your home. Talk to your

Cookeville TN real estate agent regularly to help keep you on

6. Leave the hosting of the open house to your Cookeville
TN real estate agent.
Resist the urge to hang around during an open house. Buyers
viewing your house will feel uncomfortable if you hover around
during showings. You wouldn’t want to get offended by blunt
remarks about your color preferences or taste in furniture from
buyers. Go out shopping, spend time with your family or take
your pets out for a walk and leave the open house to your agent.

7. Be flexible.
Today’s market is shifting into a buyer’s market so you better be
on your toes and keep up with the competition. You need to be
flexible with your terms and price. This doesn’t mean you have to
compromise your bottom line, but you must be willing and ready
to negotiate with buyers. Get the help of an expert Cookeville TN
real estate agent when it comes to negotiations.

Selling a home could be tough in the current market but it could
be a rewarding experience if you make the right preparations and
do all these things to help your home sell faster.

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