Help a Cookeville Gentleman Get to the Mayo Clinic

I’m sharing this information here because it’s a cause I wholeheartedly believe in.  The people and events in my community are every bit as important to me as the real estate I sell here.  So, let me introduce you to Linda and Tom Cavanaugh. Linda is a nurse here in Cookeville, and probably the closest thing you’ll ever meet to a living breathing angel.  One of those rare souls who would give her last everything to help another person.  Exactly the kind of person who should be a nurse, right?

A couple of years ago Linda met Tom, a sweet man who is a gentleman in every sense of the word.  He’s the love of her life and has overcome some tremendous medical challenges already.  Linda is trying to raise money to take Tom to the Mayo clinic in the hopes that he might be able to leave his wheelchair behind and walk again. Nothing would make my heart happier than seeing that dream come true for the both of them!

And so, my dear readership, I am sharing the link to Linda’s Go-Fund-Me account in the hopes that maybe you would like to help.  Linda’s page explains Tom’s condition better than I can, so I’ll let you read about it over there.

Cookeville cause

To read more about this worthy cause and contribute, just click here:  Help Tom get to the Mayo clinic.  Remember, no contribution is too small!

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