When sellers put their Cookeville TN home up for sale, the
first thing on their minds is “how much would I get” and “how
fast could I get the money after selling my home?” This is
understandable, since the main reason you are probably selling
your home is because you plan to invest in a new home or may
need the money for something else.

But there is one trick that you need to know in order to sell your
home faster:

First and foremost, you have to get inside the buyer’s mind.
Think like a buyer, understand the buyer’s mindset.

This means seeing things from a different perspective — the
potential buyer’s mindset. The buyer’s psychology is usually
driven by emotion, timing, and money. If the seller keeps this in
mind, they will be able to optimize circumstances that will help
the buyer decide on buying the seller’s Cookeville TN home.

It starts with the first impression. The moment the buyer sets
foot in your Cookeville TN home, it should immediately evoke the
right feeling from the buyer. Ask your Cookeville TN real estate
agent to help you know what kind of first impression your home
gives to potential buyers.

Make sure your home is not cluttered. Clear the floors,
countertops and tables so the buyers will have a better view of
it, clean your carpets and curtains, get rid of unused items lying
around the house, and make sure everything is clean all the way
to the light switches and fixtures.

Take a second look at your choice of colors for your walls,
carpets, and drapes. You may love that mustard color, but will
your buyers think the same way? Steer clear of loud colors like
orange, red, or lime green. This could turn buyers off or have
them calculating how much lower they could negotiate the asking
price to have the home done in the way they like it. Stick with
neutral colors like beige, off white or Navajo white. If you are
unsure, get a home decor magazine and get some tips from
there. Your home should look like a model-home straight from a
home decor magazine.

Make repairs on items that are worn, torn, or broken. If you
walked into a clothing store and saw a blouse you liked but it has
a tear or a hole, you would most definitely search for another one
or probably ask for a discount if it was the last item of its kind.
The same is true with homes. Once a buyer spots a torn screen,
broken light fixtures, or doors that don’t open, they will start
calculating the cost for repairing the damage and most likely ask
you to give them a discount on the list price of the home. Most of
the time, buyers will even go overboard with their figures of how
much they would need to repair the home, hoping for a bigger
discount. In today’s market, it is normal that buyers eagerly look
for what’s wrong with the home so they can ask for a discount. If
sellers neglect to fix or repair the damage in their homes, buyers’
offers could go down as much as $10,000-$30,000.

Remember, most buyers are visual buyers. If your Cookeville TN
home looks messy, cluttered, and damaged, then the buyer will
think there might be more damage hiding beneath the walls and
think of the extra money it would cost them to repair the home.

As a seller, you should understand the buyer’s psychology and
think like a buyer in order to sell your Cookeville TN home faster
and for top dollar.

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