The Best Clients in the World

Today I did a final walk through with one of the sweetest young couples I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. They are buying their first home and are just bubbling over with joy and enthusiasm . From beginning to end, they have been an absolute delight to work with. They are cheerful, courteous, grateful, and respectful of others.

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This could actually describe many of my clients. You see, I’m REALLY blessed in the client category. I work with the best clients a person could ask for. Most remain clients for life, and I am proud to say that many also become friends. They refer their friends and family to me, which works out well because nice, happy people tend to associate with other nice happy people. That’s my type of client – nice people.

In fact, that’s my number one requirement for someone to become a client. Don’t get me wrong – You don’t have to be Suzy Sunshine, but you do have to be a nice person. You can be shy, quiet, loud, outgoing, reserved, eccentric, or purple with pink polka dots – I don’t care. I love meeting new people and enjoy the different personalities.

BUT, the one personality I will not work with is a grump.

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People who are negative, hateful, jaded, angry, or have a chip on their shoulder will need a different agent.  I just figure that life is too short. There’s a whole world of positive people out there, and I choose to work with them. That’s also the privilege of success. Because I’m really good at my job, I get to choose my clients.


You see, I give 110% for my clients – absolute top notch service. I find that impossible to do for someone negative. I just can’t put my heart and soul into helping someone who’s unappreciative or negative – it’s dreadfully demoralizing. It’s so much easier to put in a 12 hour workday when you are working with people you like.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  I’m a happy, positive person and I choose to work with clients who are too.  It’s a beautiful world and a beautiful life, and I don’t allow any black rain clouds into my world! Because of this philosophy, I’m blessed with the best clients in the world.  🙂Cookeville house agent

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