In my latest video, I discuss the importance of choosing a full time agent when buying or selling property in the Cookeville area.



In addition to the reasons I mentioned in my video, here are a few more reasons why it’s super important to work with an experienced full time agent:

– Knowledge of the market and neighborhoods. An agent who’s been in the business for a decent amount of time will often be familiar with the homes in a neighborhood and what they sold for in the past as well as what amenities the home had. A part time agent is definitely not going to be able to tell you things like that while driving through a neighborhood in Cookeville or the surrounding area. ¬†An experienced agent will also likely be able to tell you about the restrictions in a neighborhood.

– Knowledge of loan products. So you have your house listed and just got an offer. Is the buyer using a loan that will work with your property? An experienced agent will know. After all, you don’t want to accept an offer and find out two weeks later that the type of loan won’t even work for your property.

– Dealing with repair items. When negotiating home inspection repair items, you want an agent who has a list of quality repairmen to make this process easier.

– Getting through appraisal. There are many items that a frequently flagged as required repair items by appraisers. Having an agent who knows what they are and making sure they are fixed prior to the appraiser visit can help buyers prevent having to pay a fee for the appraiser having to make a return trip.

– Making sure you get a great price. Whether you are buying or selling, you want to get a great price or at the very least, a fair price. An experienced full time agent will pull active and sold comparables, as well as discuss current market conditions. This helps you to be educated about the process and the market, and negotiate the very best deal possible.

– Insurance, utilities, and more. It’s those little details that can make life easier. Who has the best insurance rates in town? Where are the utility companies that service the property? What about cable, telephone, Internet? An experienced full time agent will have the list ready for you, while a part time agent likely won’t know.

– Marketing capability. If someone works another job full or part time, do they really have the time and knowledge to market a property to the fullest extent? Do they have a website? Do they take the time to write a compelling ad description? Shoot a virtual tour? What about editing photos to show the home in the very best light?

– Lastly, what about when you are in a binding contract and need advice? Is that part time agent available when you need them? Can they answer your question or will you be wishing you had someone with more knowledge?

Why take the chance?

Experience counts.

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