Where the Green Grass Grows – Cookeville TN

Sometimes when we live somewhere for a while we begin to take it for granted. We no longer notice or appreciate all the things that make it a nice place to live.  I’m definitely guilty of this because my love of travel has me dreaming of glamorous cities like Paris and Rome.  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, right?

I think back though, to the days of being a young military servicewoman stationed in the DC area.  I’m from a place where people are nice. They say hello and if they know you, they ask how your family is doing.  People in Cookeville help each other.  Not the case in DC. It didn’t take me long to figure out that if you say hello to someone there they either ignore you, or look at you as if you might be an escaped lunatic. I was homesick in no time. I sometimes listen to the Tim McGraw song, “Where the Green Grass Grows”, and think he must have been living in DC and been homesick too.

Cookeville TN green grass

I’ve been back home since my tour of duty ended. I’ve settled back into the rhythm of my sleepy Southern town where life flows along like a slow moving river on a lazy summer day. Not much exciting happens here and I’m beginning to appreciate that more every day.  News headlines over the last few months have made me think long and hard about what the grass is really like on the other side of the fence. This year we’ve seen riots in Ferguson and Baltimore.  Stores looted and burned. Innocent people attacked. I cannot imagine living out the precious days of my life in places like that.  No thanks.  I’ll stay right here where the grass is nice and green.

More recently, I read an article about the horrible drought situation in California and Nevada. The more I read, the more alien and surreal the whole lifestyle sounds to me.  Water prices rising, fines for watering your lawn, names being published in the local newspaper for being “excess water users”. People not being allowed to even collect the rainwater that falls onto their own property. One commenter went on to say that you get in trouble for watering your lawn, but get fined by your HOA for having an unsightly brown lawn.  I’m thinking, ” Ummmm…..hello?  You live in the desert. You aren’t supposed to have a lush green lawn.”  Common sense would dictate that if you choose to live in the desert, then live in the desert. Have native landscaping. Don’t try to turn it into something it’s not.  I can’t imagine that it would be environmentally sustainable for everyone living in a desert to have a green lawn.  Furthermore, if you do want a lush green lawn then live somewhere were lush green lawns happen naturally. The saddest part of that article to me was an interview with one lady who had a huge green lawn, pool, and 2 Koi ponds.  She was complaining about efforts to preserve a wetland to the North of her. She actually said, “Who cares if a few fish die. It’s the cycle of life. I’m not giving up my comforts for a few fish.”  The implications of what she said are just too horrible for me to even comment further on without going into a full blown rant.  I’ll just say Karma and leave it at that.

Be happy where you are

Back to happier thoughts.  Reading a few headlines like that has me feeling a whole lot of gratitude for the amazing place I call home. I look out the window at my beautiful green yard surrounding by lush green forest and think how blessed I am to live where the green grass grows.  It grows all on it’s own with no chemicals and no irrigation system. We get plenty of rain here and things stay green naturally.  We have big lakes and flowing rivers and streams.  People here live in harmony with nature and do their best to preserve all the beautiful places for future generations. That’s why we have so many parks near Cookeville.  I’m also blessed to call this place home because of the people.  They are open and friendly and treat each other with kindness and respect.

To show my appreciation for my wonderful little corner of the world, I’ll be starting a new blog series this week called 101 Reason Why I love Cookeville, TN.  I’ll tell you about all the things that make this place so special, and share some pictures with you.  I hope you will enjoy learning more about Cookeville TN,  a charming little place Where the Green Grass Grows.

I’ll leave you for today with a picture of this adorable spotted calf. I passed by his farm last week and had to take a picture of him because his colors are so unique.  Isn’t he a cute little guy?!

spotted calf on Cookeville farm


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